Creating A Common Language of Leadership

JOHANNESBURG, 29 SEPTEMBER 2022: Blanchard South Africa, a proud Global Partner of the Ken Blanchard Companies, hosted the launch of the organization on Wednesday evening at the Highline Restaurant Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City. As the sole licensee for South Africa, Blanchard South Africa is invested in realizing its goal of seeing a change in the way African leadership is experienced. 

Attended by leaders of industry, entrepreneurs and community leaders, the discussion on a new leadership language was well received. Understanding that South Africa is filled with highly competent individuals, the challenge for many remains being capable to motivate and/or keep teams/employees motivated amongst the changes the country is experiencing. 

“Taking advantage of Blanchard’s 40 plus years of experience across the globe, we aim to shift the leadership narrative to solve the triple ills around unemployment, inequality, and poverty in this country,” explained Jayson Naidoo, CEO of Blanchard South Africa. “Through the development of inspired leaders at all levels, our desire is to shift to a culture of connection that will unleash talent and deliver extraordinary results and relationships”

Ken Blanchard says that “profit is the applause you get for taking care of your people.” Blanchard South Africa is committed to helping leaders to learn a new language of leadership, to increase the quality and frequency of conversations and ultimately to help develop self -reliant achievers in all walks of life.

Blanchard South Africa wants to lead the charge to redefine leadership to mean influence and not a position. With ‘Ubuntu’ being a core value of Blanchard South Africa, we believe that we are well placed to embed the Blanchard Servant Leadership philosophy (‘leadership is not something you do to people, it’s something you do with people’), into the culture of South Africa.


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